Austin Outdoor Lighting

Austin Landscape lightingDrive around the palatial homes in Austin after sunset and you will notice several outdoor parties in progress. Texans love to entertain and what better place to do it than on their landscaped lawns in the cool evening breeze?

Of course the pleasure in entertaining your friends outdoors would be ruined if it were not for proper lightning. Landscapes and outdoor parties demand lighting that is just adequate and not too harsh. To set the proper party mood as well as highlight the beauty of your landscaped garden, the Austin Outdoor Lighting should preferably be a mix of two or more colors.

Select an Austin outdoor lighting company that has a landscaping division, a Austin Landscaping and Maintenance division and also an Austin outdoor lighting section (such as ourselves). We use a mix of latest and most appropriate technology to achieve spectacular results. More than technology, it is ingenuity that is the key to outdoor lighting. Mixing ingenuity with the most appropriate technology not only ensures adequacy of light, it also ensures that all the favorite features of your fantastic landscaped garden illuminate to advantage.

Rather than plan and design the lighting sitting in an office, the lighting architects should visit your Austin home and do the planning and Austin Landscaping on your Austin home premises itself. That is the only way to ensure spectacular results.

Safety with beauty

God forbid – the last thing you want is for your guests to be electrocuted. Electrical engineers need to ensure that all electrical lines are laid out in a safe manner using the correct material and following all local safety practices and procedures. The electrical sockets and switches used should not only be child safe, they should also be weather resistant, meaning they should not leak current even under damp conditions such as rain or when outdoor Austin Irrigation and Sprinkler system austin are operational. This does not mean that the electrical fixtures should be aseptic and boring to look at. Where required you can mix beauty with technology. These days you have a wide choice in outdoor electrical fixtures including beautiful full brass and painted porcelain lamps and switches.

The electrical engineers and technicians need to ensure that the outdoor lighting results in better safety, enhance the property value of your Austin home, highlight attractive features of your landscape and, boost curb appeal.

Upgrade or Repair Existing Outdoor Lighting Systems

If you have an outdoor lighting system that is more than 5 years old, you probably need to have it looked at for three reasons:

1. Wear and tear due to use and harsh environment (sunlight and high moisture).

2. Electrical technology undergoes a sea-change every 5 years or so. Today, you have Austin Landscape lighting systems that use LED’s that consume a fraction of the power, produce almost no heat, and offer cool illumination. Similarly, switch technology too has undergone a sea-change with non-invasive, remotely operated switches that also incorporate sensor technology.

3. Local rules and regulations often undergo change and it is a good idea to ensure your outdoor lighting continues to follow all local safety rules and procedures.

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